Monday, February 14, 2011

Put on the Ogre Costume!

I had a Mailbox of Delight today! My lovely friend Amanda sent me 2 cartoons from her New Yorker desk calendar, and some sprigs of lavender from her garden. Not only was the envelope hand-addressed but it also smelt delicious. And inside was something that made me laugh. Triple whammy!

 Image via Bleubird Vintage

What a lovely idea, to send a page from your desk calendar. It reminded me of a friend I used to work with who had a Spanish 'phrase a day' calendar. Whenever she came across a real gem she'd leave it on my desk. My favourite one ever translated as "Put on the ogre costume!" I can't even begin to imagine a situation in which that particular phrase would come in handy, unless it was your lifelong dream to work in a costume shop in Spain... or something for the bedroom perhaps?

Do you have a desk calendar? A rib-splitting one, or one with profound wisdom encapsulated in a tidy little soundbite? Next time you tear off a page, instead of putting it in the recycling, perhaps instead you can think of somone who might enjoy finding it in their letterbox.

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