Monday, January 3, 2011

What is a Mailbox of Delight?

Checking the mail can be a dreary experience, can't it? All those plain white DL envelopes filled with the administrative data that is allegedly so essential to modern life.

But what about those days when you lift the flap to find something else... something colourful, something handwritten, something just for you? It might be an invitation to a thrilling event, a heartfelt thank you note, a postcard from a globetrotting friend. Will you rip into it right then and there or wait for a moment when you can savour it? Doesn't just the thought of it make your day? By golly, yes. That's what I call a mailbox of delight.

This blog is about writing a letter instead of an email, sending a postcard instead of a text message... it's about putting your love on paper, sealing it up in a beautiful envelope and trusting in the majesty of the postal system. It's a call to arms, or at least to hands. The world needs more personal mail. And it's up to YOU to send it.


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