Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pop-Up Excitement!

I just saw these beautiful 3D cards by Lovi over at Mr Sparrow. You can mail them just like any other flat, envelope-sized card and whoever you send them to can turn them into a beautiful hanging ornament. Pop-up excitement for grown-ups!

If you're not lucky enough to be able to visit Mr Sparrow, you can still get lucky at their online shop.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Musical Interlude: Simon & Garfunkel

My lovely friend Eliyos posted me a link to this classic Simon & Garfunkel song "Why Don't You Write Me?"

Why don't you write me? 
I'm out in the jungle, I'm hungry to hear you.
Send me a card, I am waiting so hard

Why don't you write me? 
A letter would brighten my loneliest evening.
Mail it today

Monday morning, sitting in the sun, 
Hoping and wishing for the mail to come.
Tuesday, never got a word, Wednesday, Thursday, ain't no sign, drank a half a bottle of iodine.
Friday, woe is me, gonna hang my body from the highest tree.
Why don't you write me?

How's that for a guilt trip? Do you have someone who you're really hanging out to hear from? You could try sharing this song with them. Send them the receipt for the bottle of iodine you bought, just so they know you mean business. I have a friend who's seriously overdue to send me a mixtape he allegedly made me (yes, Swifty, I'm talking about you).

Eliyos and I have been bantering on FB but I had been feeling the urge to write a full report of goings on. Alas, because he is such an international gadabout, I didn't have a current address for him. So I wrote him a very long and juicy email. Now, I'm the first to say that an email can't compare to a letter. No sirree. But, if it's a choice between an email or nothing at all, an email can occasionally pass muster.

Yes! I hereby give you permission to write someone an email instead of a letter, if you satisfy one or more of that following criteria:
  1. You have your arm in plaster and can't hold a pen
  2. You are down to your last 60 cents and would rather not spend it on a postage stamp
  3. You absolutely know that you won't ever get around to writing to someone, even though you've had the best intentions and been thinking of them constantly
Are you at work right now? Are you supposed to be enaged in something productive? Well, I'm giving you a 'hall pass'. Stop whatever you're doing, and start writing an email to someone you love. They're out in the jungle; they're hungry to hear you. And you surely don't want them to hang their body from the highest tree...
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