Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Letter Writing Week

I've just found out that January 8th-14th is Letter Writing Week. In honour of this, Melissa made writing a letter this week's 'nice assignment' on Operation Nice.

Melissa also provided a link to an article on e-how which provides some letter-writing steps for the utterly clueless. The fact that you would need a how-to article on such a basic activity suggests it really is becoming a lost art. 

We musn't let that happen! Let's rediscover letter-writing. Let's make it the great new trend sweeping the world in 2011. Yeah! Let's make t-shirts with witty slogans about it. Let's blog and tweet and facebook about it. But most of all let's just do it!


I just wrote a letter to my friend in Laos. Who are you going to write to?

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