Sunday, May 1, 2011

One Killer Fish Pie

Have you ever sat down to write to someone and then been paralysed by the blank page? Maybe you just wanted to say something short and punchy. Pow!

that was one killer fish pie


sliding across your kitchen floor on that rug was the most fun I have had this year BAR NONE!

Sort of like a txt, but on paper. Keepable.

Designer Sarah Neuberger of The Small Object likes little notes with a predetermined amount of space to say how do you do, I love you to bits and see you soon. Not too much space that the task seems to soak up an hour trying to figure out how to fill up the space. Nope, just the right amount of space. The kind of space where you have to flip it over to write on and your enthusiasm is contagious. That’s the kind of note I want to send. These are it.

You can download the business-card sized template, print and pretty it up with some stamp action. These little matrioska dolls are pretty darn schweet. Or you could go crazy 8 bonkers and freestyle it. Yeah! You could just cut a piece of paper into little bits, and draw something at the top. Don't think about it too much. Jusdoit.

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